Like you, we at Cavo Delea care about the world we live in.
Sustainability is embedded in the development concept of Cavo Delea not only as a fundamental design factor but also as a guiding principle that determines our actions from the planning phase through to the construction and operation of this new sustainable holiday destination. This year we have been awarded with the Green Key, which is an eco-label that is awarded to establishments that fulfil a list of environmental requirements. Obtaining Green Key demonstrates our efforts to develop an environmental friendly, sustainable and responsible business.


We strive to minimize our footprint on the environment by implementing sustainable initiatives aimed at reducing the use of energy and water and our level of waste, as well as providing relevant social support within the local community.


Based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture, at Cavo Delea elegant suites we have used high quality eco-friendly materials such as microcimento, a coating system that has been used for the bathroom walls and other indoor and outdoor surfaces of the suites.
Microcimento is a totally natural live material that integrates in its environment as time goes by. Moreover, other advanced materials that have been used, such as high quality external wall installation, solar energy panels for hot water and energy efficient lighting, aim to reduce energy needs.

Environmental practices

We are proud to be doing all that we can, proud to be a part of the sustainability solution. Thus, we have incorporated new best practices that put us at the forefront of sustainability.

In order to minimize water consumption we have chosen Greek aromatic anhydrous plants for our surrounding area. Moreover, a series of water-saving measures are constantly applied, such as leak control and improved efficiency.
At Cavo Delea we are aware of the amount of waste as well as the widespread use of plastics and their impact on the environment. Thus we offer our customers glass recyclable bottles of water, and most of the items of our breakfast basket are in glass containers. We encourage our guests to recycle waste in the special Cavo Delea recycle bins.



We have created a sustainable supply chain, procuring the majority of our products locally and domestically. All items of our breakfast basket are Greek and many of them are from local farmers and producers.


For the decoration of Cavo Delea Elegant Suites we have selected works of art produced by Greek artists, which our guests can purchase.

Accesibility options